WIW: Faux Fur Gilet & Flannel // Naysayers Gonna Naysay

In 2004, Sienna Miller was photographed wearing a fur gilet and as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have one (only faux fur). Sienna Miller 2004 Bohemian Style Fur Gilet and UGG bootsI scoured the shops and the internet, but it was obvious that this was a brand new trend and therefore had not made it’s way across the pond. When I finally tracked one down I jumped on it! I was so excited when it came in the mail that I showed it to my roommates – who then proceeded to make extensive fun of me. They called it “the pelt” and couldn’t believe I was actually going to wear it out in public!

Now… from a very young age I accepted that in order to be a trend-setter, I might have to be one of the first to step out there on the fashion ledge (and in a small town, I might be out there all by myself) So, I let the girls talk their smack and wore my faux fur gilet with pride when we went out that night and many other nights that followed… So, when these same aforementioned roommates were asking if they could borrow my “pelt” the following winter, I BARELY even teased them about it… 10 years later and I’m still coming up with new ways to wear my gilet and I love it as much now as I did the day it arrived on my apartment doorstep. Wild Souls: Red Flannel Shirt & Faux Fur Gilet Wild Souls: Red Flannel Shirt & Faux Fur Gilet Wild Souls: Red Flannel Shirt & Faux Fur Gilet Wild Souls: Red Flannel Shirt & Faux Fur Gilet

Faux Fur Gilet (similar here) // Vintage Red Flannel (similar here) // Pixie Pants // Frye Boots // Costa Del Mar Sunglasses

Let’s take a moment to talk about wearing clothes with confidence… Sometimes the difference between “best-dressed” and “missed-dressed” is the attitude worn under the clothes… So, wear what you like and wear it with confidence! If you want to take more risks with your wardrobe, but confidence doesn’t come easy to you, follow this “fake it ’til you make it”strategy: 1. Know AND accept that there are negative naysayers EVERYWHERE and some of them might think or say hateful things about you. 2. Wear it anyway! Walk out the door with your chin up, smile on, and before you know it  your “fake” confidence will yield to the “real” confidence you’ve built by not letting the opinions of others stop you…

… and while we’re at it, don’t be a negative naysayer! We are all women here and we should be building each other up instead of tearing each other down.