Happy 80th Birthday Brigitte Bardot!

One of the most controversialĀ sirens of the silver screen turns 80 today šŸ˜‰ Brigitte Bardot’sĀ career began as a French model at the age of 15 and escalated her into a successful cinema career. To this day she remains one of the most photographed stars of all time. Off camera her life was a myriad of dramas: marriages, affairs, divorces, nervous breakdowns, and an attempted suicide.

After BrigitteĀ left the movie business she pulled it all together andĀ devoted her life toĀ animal rights by standing up for animals who were threatened and abused a cause she remains committed to. As a member of the extreme right party in France,Ā her politics seem to beĀ as controversial as her career. However, through all the criticisms, Brigitte Bardot remains one of the most influential icons of all time. Her style continues to inspire women everywhere… Including us here at Wild Souls šŸ˜‰

Brigitte Bardot in Floppy Hat

Brigitte Bardot with acoustic guitar

Brigitte Bardot with her dog