March 2015 Apparel Mart Preview!

I made kind of a crazy trip to the Apparel Mart in Atlanta this week– by crazy I mean I got up at 5am, drove 5 hours to Atlanta, traipsed around The Mart for 6 hours, and drove 5 hours back… but that’s what I do for my Wild Souls ūüėČ Gotta’ bring you guys the best stuff I can find! To that end, I’ve decided to feature a few of the lines I always have to check-on when I attend the market.

The women behind these three collections are truly amazing. Their attention to detail and desire to make their designs the best they can possibly be goes above and beyond your average clothing/jewelry line.¬†They are all incredibly inspiring businesswomen¬†and we are so proud to carry their incredible collections in our store. Side Note: Just noticed all three company names consist of an adjective + animal ūüôā

Blue Platypus: Designer Heidi Gates is passionate about quality and color, that’s why all of her designs are made from scratch and manufactured in the USA. The integrity Heidi shows by sticking to her belief in her art and what makes for quality clothing is so inspiring you can’t help but want to jump on board with her philosophy.¬†Her path to t-shirt perfection may not have been the easiest way to do it, but it’s definitely what sets the company apart from others. Each design in the collection is truly¬†a work¬†of art… Art that you can afford… and wear!¬†Blue Platypus Blue Platypus Blue Platypus

{Read more about Heidi, Scooter, and Blue Platypus here and check out an inside look at their manufacturing process. Follow on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter}

Gleeful Peacock: With a mission to spread perspective and joy through her jewelry, Owner Nikki Halgreen lovingly designs her colorful creations in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The incredible creativity put into every aspect of her brand is amazing. It will make you wonder if her brain ever stops! With so many beautiful and fun pieces in the collection, there is surely at least one that will make you feel happy with nostalgia. Gleeful Peacock Gleeful Peacock Gleeful Peacock

{Read more about Nikki and Gleeful Peacock here. Follow on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter}

Southerndoe: Inspired by¬†her love for the great outdoors, Kristen Ostow has created¬†a line¬†for all the¬†girls out there¬†with a craving for¬†adventure. Kristen¬†throws love into every aspect of her work, and because of this,¬†she has turned her brand into so much more than t-shirts– it’s become a lifestyle. A lifestyle that makes girls feel like it’s okay to be who they are because there is a whole community of women with the same interests–¬†a community¬†that wraps you in a hug and says, “Come as you are, because we think you’re awesome.”¬†southerndoe southerndoe southerndoe

{Read more about Kristen and Southerndoe here. Follow on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter}

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