My Valentine’s Day: Pizza + Peroni

Gary and I celebrated our Valentine’s Day by enjoying our last night in the home we’ve been living in for almost two years  (the same home I spent the first 18 years of my life in). Living with my husband in my childhood home was kind of strange at first (i.e. sleeping in the same room my parents did, not hearing my brother stomping through the house, or not seeing my mom out on the front porch swing) but we ultimately enjoyed our time in the woods 😉 Now it’s time for a new chapter with our move to The Golden Isles!

So, for our last night in Hoboken, GA I picked up a pizza and a six pack of Peroni (because it’s the perfect beer to drink with Pizza) as we enjoyed a final winter fire together and discussed our new adventure. Wild Souls Valentine's Day Pizza and Peroni


Anne Yarbrough (view more of her amazing work here) was sweet enough to come out to our house a couple of months ago to take some photos of us and our dogs in our natural habitat. I will always look back on them as a reminder of this amazing chapter 😉_ASC4128 _ASC4141a _ASC4153 _ASC4190 _ASC4240

My Outfit: Blanket Scarf from Wild Souls // Cotton Sweater, similar here // Pixie Pants from Wild Souls // Frye 8R Engineer Boots

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