Tucked Hair, Don’t Care

Every now and then a hair trend comes along that really lends itself to my laid-back ways and the hair tuck is most definitely of that variety. It all started at the Tory Burch fall show and moved it’s way through the runways via BCBG, Burberry Prorsum, and Tom Ford. It really is as simple as it sounds, your hair tucked into your chunky fall/winter pieces like turtlenecks, fluffy vests, and blanket scarves…  _ASC6629 Wild Souls Blog: the hair tuck with blanket scarf, Michael Kors red rainboots, white button down tunic_ASC6625

Besides the fact that all the cool girls are doing it, there are other reasons you should try “The Hair Tuck” for yourself: 1. Windy Days – keeps your hair from blowing all over the place; 2. Faux Bob – the wavy bob is becoming the hottest upcoming hairstyle, so the tuck gives you the look of a bob without committing to the scissors; 3. Warmth – creates another warming layer on your neck for those cold winter days still to come. _ASC6645 _ASC6653 Wild Souls Red Michael Kors Rain Boots and Blanket Scarf

Wild Souls Blanket Scarf // Wild Souls White Button-down // Michael Kors Red Rain Boots // Moving Comfort Urban Gym Tights

Photo Credits: Anne Yarbrough Photography

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