My New Ombre Hair & Salon Review

For every girl out there that has tried to grow her hair out, you know what a long (and sometimes boring) process it can be! One starlet rocks her newly cut-off coif while walking out of a coffee shop and before you know it, you’re in the chair having your locks chopped off again… Well, this time, I made it! For the past year or so I’ve been enjoying all the cute braided up-dos and top knots 😉 Lately though, I felt that old urge to chop it all off again and Emma Stone’s wavy bob at The Golden Globes did not help matters. So, instead of scratching that old / familiar itch, I went the way of a color job and chose an ombre 😉

Before and after ombre hair
Before & After

When I was preparing for my first shoot for the blog I knew I wanted a little something different, so I consulted with Xada at The Back Porch Salon & Spa in Redfern Village on St. Simon’s Island, GA. Xada seemed to really “get” me and what I was looking for. I’ve always been a pretty “natural” girl… I just started wearing make-up the last couple of years (which I only wear maybe three times a week) and I usually just use a hairdryer on days when it’s really cold. So, I thought an ombre would be good for me and she agreed. She was so sweet and really took the time to tell me what she thought would work best for me.

She also recommended their “Sunless Tanning” service where you lay on a massage table while someone scrubs and polishes you before massaging an awesome green-based tanning lotion from head-to-toe to give you the perfect summer glow… It was great!!!

The salon is a treasure unto itself… I’ve been to large luxury spas and petite booth style salons as well, but The Back Porch Salon & Spa is the most dreamy and relaxing salon I have EVER been to. From the outside and lobby it looks like a funky little place: Back Porch Salon & Spa - St. Simon's Island, GAThe Back Porch Salon & Spa // St. Simon's Island, GAThe Back Porch Salon & Spa // St. Simon's Island, GA

But then, someone from the incredibly friendly staff leads you through the lockers and it’s like being transported to a mediterranean spa with gauzy sheets blowing in the cross-breeze from the back porch. Though the gorgeous view of the marsh is so beautifully “The Golden Isles” it feels like a mini-vacation… which is an incredible treat from time to time 😉 IMG_2375 The Back Porch Salon & Spa // St. Simon's Island, GA IMG_2379 The Back Porch Salon & Spa // St. Simon's Island, GA

If you find yourself in need of a little pampering during your time on St. Simon’s Island, I strongly recommend setting up an appointment for one of the many services provided by this beautiful, relaxing, and truly unique salon & spa. The Back Porch Salon & Spa // St. Simon's Island, GA


One thought on “My New Ombre Hair & Salon Review

  1. Xada Rae Baxter February 4, 2015 / 9:17 am

    Laura!!!! This is incredible. Thank you so much for the love:) you are amazing.

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