Day 7: San Francisco

On our last and final day in California we went a bit touristy and hit up some of the landmarks. We started out at Pier 39 so we could catch a ferry to take us on the “Escape from the Rock Cruise“… We wanted to go to Alcatraz Island, but we discovered that tickets sell out weeks in advance because it’s a national park and they only allow 3,000 people on the island daily – so we missed out on that one, but the ferry ride was great, but quite chilly, so bring a jacket! The tour goes under the Golden Gate Bridge and around Alcatraz Island twice so you can take pictures while they blast stories from the days of Alacatraz. It’s definitely worth the money if you want to see Alcatraz, but don’t have 5 hors to spare for the tour.

After our cruise we took some time to walk around Pier 39, take pictures, and pick up souvenirs. We also had the chance to view the famous Pier 39 sea lions sun bathing, swimming, and playing in the harbor.

Pier 39 Sea Lions - San Francisco, California

Another tour we (unfortunately) missed out on was the Candlestick Park tour, so we decided to take a ride through the streets of San Francisco and make our way south to Candlestick so we could at least take a few pics… I wanted to see it as the site of The Beatles final concert and my husband as an institution to the sports world.

Candlestick Park - San Francisco 49ers

Jackson Fillmore Trattoria - San Francisco, CaliforniaAfter decompressing back at the hotel for a few hours we did some research and decided on the “Jackson-Fillmore Trattoria” for dinner. I had the “Ravioli al Pesto Genovese” and Gary had the “Contadino Misto” – After having several bites of his, I highly recommend both. We split the “Fantasia di Cioccolata” for dessert and it was absolutely delicious!

Did I mention that even though the restaurant was only .6 miles from the hotel, .4 miles of it was STRAIGHT uphill? So it goes in San Francisco. I swear, if I lived there I would have one amazing backside! But I digress, though it was fairly rough on the way there, it was all downhill (in a good way) on the way back so we paused to take some photos of San Francisco at night. It was a beautiful way to end our vacation.

San Francisco, California at night

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