Day 3: Santa Barbara -> Hearst Castle -> Big Sur

After waking up in lovely Santa Barbara, CA we continued our journey up Highway 1. As we took in all the amazing scenery, our Morro Bay, Californiabellies began to growl so we stopped in Morro Bay for lunch… Morro Bay was a very cute little town with some great shops and places to eat, but we decided to dine at  Blue Skye Bistro “On the Bay”. The view of the bay was nice and we could hear seals playing in the harbor (though we never caught a glimpse of one) while we we waited on lunch. I had Shrimp Tacos with grilled potatoes and it was all very good (I couldn’t get enough of the avocados in California).

With food in our bellies we drove further north towards San Simeon and Hearst Castle – this is where the view from Highway 1 really becomes truly breathtaking. We stopped once to take it all in and to pose for a couple of pictures in the disagreeable wind 😉

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We made our way to Hearst Castle which was a truly unique and amazing experience! If you ever find yourself on the West Coast I strongly suggest this tour. We learned a lot and it was really fun to tour the grounds afterward on our own. The stories about William Randolph Hearst were very interesting, but I was amazed by the architect, Julia Morgan, who was not only the first female architect in California but who was just king of a badass in general… I very much look forward to reading her biography in the near future.

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Highway 1

After Hearst Castle we continued the 90 minute winding, twisting, beautiful drive to Big Sur, CA via Highway 1… to our 2-night home in beautiful Big Sur, CA.

Hotel: Big Sur River Inn – I can’t begin to express my love for this hotel! It’s a truly wonderful place to escape. The rooms were cozy and clean and on the premises there is a nice restaurant, a pub, a pool, a general store, gas pumps, gift shops, and a lovely place to enjoy a meal on the river. The cost is about $150/ a night , but that’s pretty good for Big Sur.

For dinner we had dinner at the River Inn Restaurant and it was absolutely delicious! We started with the Calamari which was some of the best I’ve ever had – caught locally in Monterey 😉 After deliberating over the mouth-watering menu I decided on the “Pasta Castroville” which consisted of chicken and artichokes in a creamy pesto sauce over pasta. Gary had the “Smoked Beef Brisket” both were superb!

Big Sur River Inn - Pasta Castroville Big Sur River Inn - Beef Brisket

What I Wore: I received so many compliments on this outfit! The tank top fit perfectly and these Palazzo Pants are excellent for travel! They don’t wrinkle, so you can just throw them in your suitcase and the waistband was very comfortable for sitting in the car for a large chunk of the day. You can find these and others in our online store at

Wild Souls - What I Wore - Hearst Castle

Tank: Wild Souls
Palazzo Pants: Wild Souls
Shoes: Free People

Bracelet: Lenny & Eva Piece of the day: Shield Pendant and Turquoise Bead Bracelet

Wild Souls - Lenny & Eva - Hearst Castle

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